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Professor Oscar H. FrancoErasmusAGE is an academic center investigating the role of lifestyle and nutrition in health throughout life in order to develop effective strategies for health improvement. Its work will contribute to an improved understanding of factors and interventions that determine health.

The center is founded and led by Oscar. H. Franco, professor of preventive medicine. The team comprises more than 20 scientists from multiple disciplines and nationalities. ErasmusAGE is located in the Department of Epidemiology at Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The vision of ErasmusAGE is to improve population’s health across the life course by conducting rigorous scientific research on the role of nutrition and lifestyle. ErasmusAGE follows this vision by producing relevant scientific and educational output focused on nutrition and lifestyle within three important stages in life: childhood, pregnancy and middle-aged and elderly life. These stages are considered to be crucial transition periods, offering key windows of opportunity to improve health. Research within ErasmusAGE is done in three tiers, based on these life stages: child health, maternal health and middle-aged & elderly health. ErasmusAGE provides an optimal environment for scientific and academic development and it facilitates and maintains open communication with the academic and healthcare communities, as well as with the public. Furthermore, it builds strong collaborations with partners at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Research focuses on cardiometabolic health, cognition & behavior, growth, locomotor health and cancer and includes projects on women’s health, eating behavior in children and the effect of nutrition on child’s health.