We launch Erasmus Epidemiology Resources

Thursday 20 August 2015 marks a monumental milestone for the Erasmus MC, department of Epidemiology, and the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences NIHES as they celebrate the establishment of their spin-off company Erasmus Epidemiology Resources. By combining their unique resources they have created the momentum in a company to share scientific knowledge and expertise with a growing number of professional partners globally.

EER provides partners in industry, governmental bodies, NGO’s and academia with services that include expert advice on epidemiological research issues, the development and design of tools to determine health and longevity, as well as customized research training in various disciples of health sciences and clinical research.

“From now on we embrace a new era of scientific discoveries, as well as the consolidations and the establishment of our academic and scientific resources, and we launch EER – Erasmus Epidemiology Resources.” Prof. Oscar Franco, CEO.


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