About Erasmus Epidemiology Resources

Prevention is at the heart of population’s health and improving population’s health incorporates preventing disease, promoting health and prolonging life among the population as a whole. Improving population’s health is what Erasmus Epidemiology Resources aims to do.

It is our vision to improve population’s health by providing excellent resources based on rigorous scientific research in the fields of epidemiology. We focus on psychiatric epidemiology, neuro-epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology and epidemiology of ageing and age related disorders. To pursue this vision, we use rigorous population based research within the framework of the Rotterdam Study and Generation R, two large prospective cohort studies in the elderly and in children. The unparalleled strength of these data allows us to transfer epidemiological knowledge and to extrapolate findings to excellent resources. Our key aim is to provide the technical resources and expertise within the field of epidemiology and population sciences that could contribute to a better understanding of prevention of age related disorders and improved longevity in general populations.

Our high-quality resources include:

  • Expert advice on study design.
  • Expert advice on analyses of large populations observed at multiple time points.
  • The development and design of tools or algorithms to determine health and longevity.

Erasmus Epidemiology Resources - Lab VirologyErasmus Epidemiology Resources was founded in 2014 by professor Albert Hofman, professor Oscar Franco and professor Henning Tiemeier. Other boardmembers of Erasmus Epidemiology Resources are Koos Lubbe and Bianca Knotter.

Due to the strong relation with its scientific basis, our company is located in the Department of Epidemiology of Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is furthermore affiliated with ErasmusAGE, an academic center investigating the role of lifestyle and nutrition in health throughout life, The Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences.

Our work strongly embodies Erasmus MC’s vision of being leader in innovations for health and healthcare. Not only are all resources based on strong and innovative prospective cohort studies, we also provide resources that give solutions to everyday clinical issues. We translate our findings to clinical applications. Furthermore, we do not believe in standard epidemiological answers. Instead we emphasize open-mindedness towards projects, resources and the development of innovative solutions.